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My name is Carrie Jean and I am a freelance writer of customer service and animals here for whatever you need help with. I produce clear and engaging content that is well-researched. In addition to writing services, I offer virtual assistance with administrative tasks. I am located in Southern California but am originally from Northwest Indiana. If you’d like to get to know a bit more about me personally, just click here!

Let me take some work off of your plate by writing that blog post for you or creating that spreadsheet that you don’t have time to do. 

On a Civil War themed road trip, Gettysburg, PA

 My services include:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Creative Writing
    • Short stories and poetry are my favorites to write.

  • Excel and Word Documents
  • Voice Acting
    • I can speak in many accents, ranging from Russian to US Southern. 

  • Product Reviews
  • Blog Posts
  • Proofreading and Editing 
  • Content Writing
  • Interviews

To note, my areas of proficiency lie in hospitality and tourism management, religion/spirituality, beauty and wellness, and animal behavior.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I love to learn new things!

I know you need this done, and quick! I’ll respond within a one business day of your inquiry. It’s my promise to you.

See, I’m already making promises! Let’s work together. 


P.S. Stay tuned for new posts on my blog! 

A Statement of Intention and Vision

Content by Carrie Jean values creativity and intuition in business, using both to spark abundance & genuine human interaction.

Get to know me, on a deeper level.

Quick Facts:

  • Pets: Panda, American Bulldog. Oliver, Persnickety Feline. 
  • Location: Lake Forest, CA. | Hometown: Portage, IN.
  • Favorite Pleasure Genre: Historical Fiction and Metaphysics 
  • Three Favorite Presidents: 1. Abraham Lincoln, hands down. 2. Barack Obama 3. Teddy Roosevelt
  • Hobbies: Teaching Panda new tricks, reading, writing, poetry, sewing, gardening, playing the Sims, coloring, hiking, rollerblading, and making candles.

Left: I visited California for the first time two years before I moved here.

I grew up in Indiana, about an hour outside of Chicago. We call it “The Region, a moniker that’s tattooed on some of the locals who never left. Next door to us was a town called Gary, you might have heard of it; think The Jackson 5 or previous murder capital of the country. My high school electives included creative writing, advanced English, and history, but I hid my interest in academia for the sake of social approval (teenagers are weird). I was also the hostess-with-the-mostest at a busy restaurant off the Lake Michigan coast, a restaurant where everyone would gather for UFC fights and all-you-can-eat wings.

While I was attending college in good ole’ Muncie, Indiana, I hosted, served, and tended the bar to pay the bills. And I was really good at it! I therefore decided to change my major (again, I had just switched from English to Psychology) to Hospitality and Food Management. I thought I’d stick to what I knew I was good at so that I could quit racking up debt with Ball State University. 

Out in the real world and post-graduation, I worked with Marriott for a few years as a restaurant supervisor and, eventually, manager. I also worked at a few stand-alone, independently owned restaurants and for one brief movement at an animal hospital that introduced me to dog training, a new hobby of mine. Life has taken me all the way from living and working in Downtown Chicago, to Orlando, Florida, and now Southern California. I also lived in Arkansas!

Wanting to take control of my life and sick of being a glorified babysitter, working holidays, and working all the hours in the world unable to see my family during important moments, I turned inward and asked myself, “What do you love to do?” I loved to serve people in restaurants but the work wasn’t resonating with me anymore.

When I was younger, I would log on to AOL (insert dial-up tone here) and send emails to authors asking them how to be a writer. And then Sarah Dessen (I KNOW, right?!) replied. She said to just write. And then write some more. 

I recalled that moment while wondering how to take control of my working life but not knowing how to go about it. Should I take classes, or just start writing a book today? Then the universe pointed me to freelance writing, content marketing, and virtual assistance. I had so many interests and skills (like dog training, animal behavior, and creative writing) that I knew writing about such skills was a perfect fit. I could apply everything I’ve learned over the years, including my entertaining accents that regulars at my bar loved. 

So I mashed my passion for writing, a knack for administrative organization, and creativity into this: Content by Carrie Jean. 

The world works in fantastic ways, though we may not see it while it’s happening. I wasn’t meant to serve others in high-volume restaurants (hello, stress hormone production) but I don’t take the lessons I learned in them for granted. Now I’m better able to serve you and deliver on all your needs. Here I am, ready to help.