Carrie Jean’s Declassified Survival Guide: Batching Content for Social Media

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Published: July 2021

Business owners and side hustlers, much like your boss-self, spend almost SIX HOURS on social media marketing per week!

Six hours a week is a lot of time. A lot of time that could be spent traveling or developing your brand!

I got so sick of spending HOURS thinking of what to upload on a daily basis, typing it out, editing the picture, posting it, looking up hashtags–I knew there had to be a solution. 

That’s when I discovered that you could batch content

Duhhh, that made total sense! I worked for 12+ years in restaurants and bars and couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of batching content myself.

Batching is a common technique used to crank out a lot of one product in a single go-around. And that’s exactly what you are gonna learn today, you cute readers of mine. Shall we, continue?

Here’s what I’ll cover with you today. folks.

  • My personal way to batch content for social media

  • Five declassified tips for surviving the social media game

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How I Batch My Content for Social Media

  • Record any on-brand holidays or dates on my Content Planner
  • Research themes and/or trends for the month
  • Pick the days you want to post
  • Write down the main idea for each day
  • Procure media, edit pictures, or make graphics
  • Upload pictures and write captions via Facebook Business Suite (for FB and Instagram) and Hootsuite (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest)
  • Schedule posts to go out based on popular days and times according to my analytics

5 Tips on Batching Social Media from a Seasoned Content Creator

  1. Break tasks into segments.
  2. Recycle popular content.
  3. Use your blog or course for quick post ideas.
  4. Repost, tag, share and collaborate.
  5. Use these four types of posts and you’ll never go wrong: educational, story-telling, product/service specific, and funny/relatable.
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1. Break tasks into segments. 

Social media involves a bunch of moving little parts. Life, amirite? Don’t believe me, and I’ll know you missed the list above. 

You’ve got to think of what to post, find an appropriate picture, edit the photo, make infographics, write the caption, and don’t you dare forget to tag for original credit. On top of all that, you probably need to make a story and a whole as reel to any REEL traction on that post. 

How the f#@* are you gonna get all that done and run a business? Break all of those tasks into small, manageable segments throughout the week.

2. Recycle popular content.

If you aren’t using analytics, you’re doing it wrong, babe. Turn your social media accounts into business profiles, like right now.

If you have been utilizing this powerhouse tool, use your most popular posts and recycle those! Work smarter not hard. Don’t worry about annoying your followers; we don’t remember your posts as much as you think we do!

3. Use your blog or course for quick post ideas.

Your website’s blog section is a gold mine for quick social media ideas! You can stretch out a whole week of content from one well-written blog post. Plus, it’s a great method to cross-market your services or product. 

Need help writing blogs? Like the writing style that you’re reading here? Reach out to talk to Carrie Jean, an experienced content and copywriter. 

4. Repost, tag, share and collaborate.

Collaborating with others is daunting to me. What if they don’t like my message? Will they be so annoyed I even reached out? 

Turns out, it’s fun, easy, and a freaking amazing way to gain an engaging audience fast as hell.

One of my clients recently adopted a bit of an ambassador program after we strategize a game plan and guess what? A huge account (with over 300k followers) reposted a product of hers. Since then, we’ve watched her once deteriorating audience flourish.

5. Use these four types of posts and you’ll never go wrong!

Think of these pillars as a uniform for your social media content that you’ll want to stick to.

I grabbed this idea from an amazing content creator, @samanthahoilett.writes on Instagram. I’ve slept since then so the details might be tarnished (follow her for more!) but you’ll catch my drift.

Four Best-Performing Types of Social Media

    • Educational posts. Like tips and tricks or how-tos.

    • Story-telling posts. People love a hero’s journey or little glow-up moment.

    • Product or service-specific. Carrie Jean’s Personal Tip: Follow the 80:20 rule.

    • Funny and relatable content. Is there a common struggle your audience shares? Post funny, relatable memes or reels.

Batching content for social media just got a whole lot more survivable. 

Now that you have a uniform to follow when you batch content for social media and have broken your tasks into small, doable segments your social media should take you at least two fewer hours per week!

What are you gonna do with all that extra time now that you know how to batch social media content?

For my crazy-busy business owners, who have no time to bat an eye at social media, I can help! I handle several social media aspects for my clients including LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook Groups. (Twitter and Instagram, too!) Schedule a free consultation today.

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Carrie Jean is a Hoosier-turned-Californian with over 12 years in customer service in corporate settings. Now she’s a business owner offering copy and blog writing as well as virtual assistance services. Fun Fact: She loves Abe Lincoln.

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