Content & Spirituality: Spreading Light in a Digitally Dark Era

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Published: June 17, 2021

When you log on to your social media and it might feel like you’ve hopped back in time to the dark ages

Not the actual dark ages, because you know… the internet and that huge iPhone 12 Max in your hand.

Before we look at why social media resembles venturing into a land inhabited by mid-century swine, let’s understand why did historians call this time in history the Dark Age.

 I’ll let Edward Gibbon tell you. This 18th-century historian recounts that artists of the time were “portraying life during this time as full of either uncultured barbarians, evil tyrants, or superstitious peasants.”

Not too far off from our current state of affairs is it? 

As content creators, business owners, and humans in the world it’s up to us to share content that serves humanity’s highest good

But as lightworkers with spirituality-focused social media accounts and businesses, it’s our duty to spread light and the Universe’s message. Even on Instagram!

So how do we do that? Here are five simple, easy ways to create spiritual content on social media that spreads light in what seems like a digitally dark era.

Fact Check Your Content Before You Post to Social Media

Spiritual content might be hard to fact check, I get it. But if you’re sharing what seems like data, hard facts, or a scientific claim try to back it up with a little bit of credibility, like stats or a valid article for your social media audience to read. 

You’re a spiritual shepherd on social media, don’t steer your sheep into a pack of wolves. 

Hot Tip! Give credit when it’s due! Karma applies to your business, too. Plus, if you tag the creator of the original idea, they’ll probably share your post and you’ll have more eyes on your content!

Dang, you caught me. This one's by Magic Bowls.

Karma applies to your business, too

Stay Grounded in Your Spiritual Content Approach on Social Media

“I love your positivity!” That’s a comment I’ve received a few times on my Instagram

Plus, on other accounts that preach a message full of light, tons of people comment saying how refreshing it is to see uplifting posts.

But it’s hard to stay positive every day. I get pissed, friends die (true story), and you want to say, “you know what–f&@* love and light!”

A sure way to get over that mentality is to practice self-care, self-compassion, and to stay grounded. Your original, light working approach to social media will stay strong. And I’ve found when I stay true to myself and care for my brain and body, I receive high-vibrational insights and post more engaging content.

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Listen to Your Spirituality Social Media Gut

Intuitive people often talk about how they steer their life in the direction of their gut feelings. It takes some practice, that’s for sure! But the same thing applies online

If your gut is telling you it’s not a good idea to write about that topic or share a rant you recorded, don’t do it! There’s a reason why that’s probably beyond your understanding. 

Recognize Fear-Based Marketing 

Fear-based marketing is “the use of consumers’ fears to motivate them to purchase a product or contribute to a cause. The consumer appraises the product in light of their fear of the consequences of not buying.

You can see how this might conflict with creating content with spirituality in mind. Social media doesn’t care!

I have two personal rules that you might like to adopt yourself.

  • Don’t be an a$$hat about it.
  • If you can’t do it nicely, don’t do it at all.

Have Clear Boundaries With and On Your Spiritual Social Media Accounts

Boundaries are necessary for life. What do they say–happy boundaries, happy life? No, that’s not it? Whatever! You guys know what I mean. 

But, this can especially ring true for social media. If you’re using social media for your business, set specific hours to log on and engage. 

You’ll 100% want to engage a lot with your audience, but be wary of trolls and energy vampires. Don’t let them steal your light. They’re drawn to it!

Create Light Content in Dark Era

There you have it, folks! You have some pretty solid guidelines to follow so you can create content for your spiritual social media accounts that spreads light to all of your followers, and then some!

If you need help with content creation and want someone with a functioning moral compass, schedule a call with me today! I’d love to hear more about your business and what you need help with. 

Plus, if you book before the end of June you’ll receive a FREE social media audit on one account of YOUR choosing!

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Carrie Jean is a Hoosier-turned-Californian with over 12 years in customer service in corporate settings. Now she’s a business owner offering copy and blog writing as well as virtual assistance services. Fun Fact: She loves Abe Lincoln.

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