Life Lessons from Disney Channel’s Stepsister from Planet Weird

Published: December 10, 2020  

We can find moral lessons everywhere we go. They lurk in long grocery lines, in rush-hour traffic, and even at home with partners or family. On the good days when you feel like cuddling up and watching a Disney movie with your bae, there will be life lessons from the Disney Channel, too.

Back in 2000, I was too young to understand that I could watch movies and learn life lessons. I didn’t know movies can inspire us to unapologetically fall in love or to treat our neighbor with kindness. Now that I find all kinds of inspiration from movies (and can’t travel anywhere, thanks Coronavirus…), I’m going ham on Disney Plus and re-watching all of those flicks I couldn’t get enough of. One of those, you guessed it – is Stepsister from Planet Weird.

Stepsister from Planet Weird Disney Movie Teachings

  • We Live on an Ugly Planet

  • But We Also Live on a Wondrous Planet

  • Good and Evil Will Always Exist

  • People Will Accept Weird


Did you know Disney movie teachings are all over the place? See what you could learn from Halloweentown.

We Live on an Ugly Planet

“Earth is a terrible, ugly place,” Ariel, the stepsister tells us. Ariel is from another planet. So when she comes to Earth, she’s frightened by our ghastly bodies, obtruse human noises, and the ever-changing weather. Especially the wind. 

Personally, I think she’s right, Earth is a vile place to be. We take physical matters entirely too seriously, refuse to love one another, and start wars where there should be acceptance. Where Ariel is from, that bullshit doesn’t happen.

But We Also Live on a Wondrous Planet

On the other hand, if you ask her dad Cosmo, he’ll tell you a different story. He thinks “Earth is wondrous! and marvels at the fun of games. If you ask me, I think Cosmo also has a point. Our planet is one-of-a-kind and a uniquely physical thing. We are physical beings having physical experiences, and that should be celebrated in and of itself! Play games, laugh with one another, and most importantly don’t ever lose sight of your inner child or imaginative play.

What other movies teach us that Earth is a terrible place to be?

Good and Evil Will Always Exist

As much as we try to shield ourselves from it, evil will always exist. Disney movie teachings from Stepsister from Planet Weird revolve around the evil forces that are chasing Cosmo. That’s why he left with Ariel from their home planet. Which tells us, dark (evil) and light (good) will always exist. It’s best to float, like a ball of gas, and go with life’s wind.

People Will Accept Weird

At first, Ariel is a total weirdo at school. She speaks with an odd, verbose vocabulary, and wears extra protective gear when riding her bike. Soon, to her new stepsister’s dismay, she started trending. Literally. 

Girls at school began to act like Ariel and started to embrace her weird behavior. What life lessons from the Disney channel do we learn here? That people will accept weird. Sure, if they think they’re being cool they’ll accept it a lot faster, but just be yourself! Those who think you’re rad are the people who are meant to stick around. Those who think you’re weird…. Well, they’re the weird ones. 

If I could write with magical text pouring into a table-side vase, my hands would be less arthritic. That’s the life lesson from this Disney channel movie I’ll be remembering. 

In all seriousness, though, life Disney movie teachings aren’t the only lessons to learn. Artists, movie-makers, writers, and directors all love to throw in symbolism and themes. It’s how we humans have told stories for centuries. If you look close enough, you’ll be a student for life. But if you need help, I’m always here to provide you with insight.

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Do you see any moral lessons from Stepsister from Planet Weird? Give me the tea!

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