The Dog's Place

Much like an owner telling their dog to go to their “place”, I hope this will be a spot where you can relax and learn a bit more about your pup. After all, my blog is all about having brighter days at work and easier nights at home with your dog!

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Adapting to a Hotter Earth as a Pet Parent

Grab your hot pavement dog booties, everyone, the Earth is getting hotter. Read how to adapt as a pet parent. Click my dog's cute face to learn more.

Humans Suck, Animals are Better: Meaningful Life Lessons from Meaningless Jobs

Put on your life-lesson glasses so you can see meaningful lessons from meaningless jobs! This post tells you how we suck and how animals might be better. Click image!

The Importance of Training Basic Commands

Read about the number one reason you should be teaching your dog basic commands. Plus, I tell you about a surprise at the end!

Three Tools to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling in One Week: No Dog Trainer Needed

Right-click the picture to find out how I got my 100-lb American Bulldog to *mostly* behave on a leash.

The Benefits of Positive Dog Training

Read about some of the benefits you’ll see when adopting a positive dog training approach.

Looking for a Pet Halloween Costume? Here are Three Ideas

Give yourself and your family a special laugh this year with these pet Halloween costumes and ideas. Good for all prices ranges!