How To Make Iced Matcha at Home

Published: July 9, 2020

Have you ever seen people drinking those weird green drinks and wondered what they were drinking? Or you know what matcha is and now you’re craving a freakin’ latté, thanks to me! Whether you’re curious as to what it is or you want to know how to make it, read on to find out what matcha is and how you can make a delicious latté at home, sans germs, and long drive-thrus.

What Is Matcha?

It’s difficult to capture the magic of matcha with words, so to those of you who are new to matcha, you must taste it and discover the magic for yourselves. Matcha is finely ground green tea plants that resembles a fine powder. The powder can be of different “grades” including the recipe-recommended culinary grade.

Matcha is native to Japan, where it has been grown and cultivated by the native people. Japanese matcha growers recommend using a bamboo whisk and specific matcha tools. It’s noted that stainless steel whisks may alter the taste of matcha, though I cannot personally attest to the theory.

Benefits of Matcha

I know, here’s another person on the Internet telling you to drink a green drink. Go figure. I get it! But you can find plenty of articles backing up the following claims, though specific data is needed. Consuming matcha aids in digestion, softens the skin, and boosts energy. One scientific study found that mice that had been introduced to theanine (an ingredient in matcha) had lower anxiety levels. 


Personal Experience 

I used to drink coffee daily. A few years ago, I woke up to coffee and drank cups of it at work until I went home, thanks to unlimited access to drip-coffee at work. Now, I drink one iced matcha latté a day and I’m set. 

While I don’t notice a huge shift in my energy, I do notice that my energy seems to last longer. Instead of one short buzz, I’m good-to-go throughout the day. I don’t crash in the mid-afternoon, nor do I have any digestive issues that coffee used to cause in me!

If matcha had a cute teen-pop culture fanclub nickname, it might be called Matchaliever! Maybe a Little Matcher. A Matchanator? Whatever you call fans of matcha, I’m one of them!

Ingredients and Materials Needed

  • 3 tbs (1.5 fl oz) hot water
  • 1 c cashew milk
  • 2 t matcha powder, culinary grade
  • ice
  • sweetener to taste
  • whisk (bamboo is recommended)
  • mixing bowl and utensil

How To Make Iced Matcha at Home

  1. Heat water in a microwave, tea kettle, or coffee maker. 
  2. Add just enough (about three tablespoons) water to cover 2 tablespoons of matcha powder. 
  3. Whisk matcha into water vigorously, in zig-zag motions until all lumps are gone.
  4. Fill your cup up with ice, and then fill the glass about ¾ full of milk. I tasted many different plant-based kinds of milk before I came up with this recipe and cashew milk was, without a doubt, my preferred. 
  5. Add matcha water mixture into your glass of ice milk, and stir! At this point, you’ll want to add in any simple syrups to sweeten up your drink. 

Sweet Add-Ins, Dude!

If you want to take your matcha to the next level, add cinnamon, or make your own simple syrup. You can also add espresso or instant coffee for a dirty matcha effect and an extra boost of caffeine!


Put this in your reusable cup and ditch the need to stop by a café before your next errand! I keep a glass by my side and start to get my workday rolling. It’s so delicious that I get upset at the end of the glass … like when you finish a good book. That feeling. 

Enjoy the fantastic, unique taste of matcha. And reap its benefits along the way. Take it to the next level and buy your matcha or matcha accessories from authentic suppliers. Learn about the growing process and why the plant is moved into the shade before harvesting! Matcha is an ancient drink and very meaningful to those who drink it ceremoniously. Cheers to not appropriating!


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