Intellectual Health: What Effect Does It Have On Your Business?

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Published: May 20, 2021

Picture you and four of you chums. They can be work pals, family members, or best friends. You’ve got them all lined up in your head? Great.

Now, let this sink in. One of these people is suffering from a mental illness that they might not even talk about. Sh*$, there’s a chance it’s you.

With 20% of the United States dealing with mental health issues, many experts and onlookers are turning their heads toward a new term, “intellectual health”.

So, what is intellectual health?

“Intellectual Health refers to being open to new ideas and experiences, and the desire to increase understanding, improve skills, and continually challenge yourself,” says Janelle, a curriculum developer.

Today, I’m going to be navigating you through the world of intellectual health and how it relates to us as business owners

I believe as business operators and stakeholders, if we don’t focus on our intellectual and mental health, we suffer physically, financially, and emotionally. 

Let’s take a look at intellectual health and how it could be affecting your business.

Poor Mental Health Leads to Poor Productivity

You never stop working. I get it! If you stop working, your business doesn’t flow. And if you’re business isn’t running, then your whole family will starve and die in front of your eyes. 

That’s what your brain tells you when you’re not prioritizing your emotional or mental needs. 

See, when we’re go-go-go 24/7, we actually hinder our productivity. You aren’t meant to be working all of the time. Try adding your self-care onto your to do list. Make sure it’s fun, relaxing, and special to you. 

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Disclaimer: If you’re struggling with your mental health on a daily basis, a therapist is a way better option than reading my blog!

Inspiration, Creativity, and Highly Vibrational Choices are Low

At our core, business owners are creatives. We think of solutions that are outside of the box and come to conclusions rapidly. We get inspired by the smallest signs of opportunities. 

But all of those great things entrepreneurs are known are affected by your intellectual or mental health. 

When we’re having bad days where we’re tired and anxious, it’s hard to be inspired, to create, or to make choices that serve our highest good. 

Slow your business roll by delegating some tasks to an assistant, taking an easy yoga session, or meditating.

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Don’t Get Trapped in Scarcity 

When your intellectual health, being open to new things, is plagued by dark thoughts you might be experiencing negative thoughts like, “I’m never going to be able to build a scalable business.”

That’s your scarcity mindset talking! On the other side of the coin, those individuals who practice self-care and have strong mental wellness patterns often fall into a mindset of abundance.

Pay Attention to Your Intellectual Health So Your Business Can Grow

Even if you are one of the five people in a business setting suffering from mental or intellectual health issues, you don’t have to let that get in the way of earning money or growing your business.

By prioritizing your emotional matters and mindset management, you can witness your business grow in ways you never thought possible.

And if you don’t have an assistant to delegate tasks to when you’re overwhelmed, reach out to me for a complimentary consultation to see how I might be able to help you tackle your task list (and as a result—your mental health!)

Comment below with your favorite tip on mental or intellectual health!

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Carrie Jean is a Hoosier-turned-Californian with over 12 years in customer service in corporate settings. Now she’s a business owner offering copy and blog writing as well as virtual assistance services. Fun Fact: She loves Abe Lincoln.

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