Documents Created

My documents are created in attempts to adhere to quality control and tracking, so you never miss a beat. I really like to keep them user friendly, readable, and adaptable for the future. You can give me an old spreadsheet and I’ll revamp it or I can implement your business logo into a brand new document. You’d just tell me your measurables, how your staff will use the document, what you want to see out of it, and I’ll make your spreadsheet for you so you can focus on the big picture.,

Product Shelf Life and Rotation: Help your staff maintain proper rotation and dates. Laminate and hang near workstations.

Lead Tracking: Organize your sales leads with this spreadsheet. Upload to a shared drive for multiple users to edit.

Front of House Side Work Sign Off: Assign side work and have your staff initial so you know who did what.

Cheat Sheet for Bartenders: Laminate and hang near service wells for more consistency.

  Please note these are examples and not intended for personal use.