Looking for Pet Halloween Costumes? Here Are Three Ideas

Published: October 8, 2020  

Countdown to election day isn’t the only thing on everyone’s mind. Nodding to the lighter side of life, I’m looking forward to Halloween as treat away from all of the tricks. One of my favorite treats during this time of year that always gives me a laugh is pet Halloween costumes.

To spark a light of true positivity, I wanted to get your brain going when it comes to pet costumes for your dogs or cats. In this post, you’ll find a range of ideas from lazy (work smarter, not harder) to elaborate pet Halloween costumes.

Main Takeaways

·        Play on your pet’s name or breed for a fun costume and convo starter.

·        Take it easy this year with a cute scarf or earmuff. Yes, an earmuff.

·        Treat your dog like royalty and get tennis-balls deep in your costume this year with ornate options.

Get away from all the tricks with the treat of a pet Halloween costume.

Idea #1 – Pick a costume that’s a play on your pet’s name or breed.

To get us started on our haunted trail of pet costume ideas, I’d like to call my dog Panda to the stage. He’s an American Bulldog (the cutest ever). Being the writer at heart that I am, I like a good ol’ play on words.

Which is why I turned my American Bulldog into a French Bulldog for his first Halloween.

I could have also dressed him up as a Panda, but I never like the obvious choice. But if you have a Dachshund, the funny thing is to dress him up like a hot dog! What about if your dog’s name is Trooper? Stick that dog in a sheriff’s outfit. You get the idea, right? Let’s move on.

American Bulldog Turned French Bulldog

Idea #2 – Dress your pet in an easy Halloween bandana or neck scarf.

Bandanas aren’t only made for after a grooming session. They’re easy and affordable ways to make your pet trick-or-treat ready. Though your city might have cancelled trick-or-treat, your plans to go out for Halloween probably changed and your princess may have to stay at home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress her up for your own entertainment!

Etsy has ridiculously cute and cheap bandanas you can get for this year (and the next!) Check out my shop with a few fall and Halloween patterns. I even have small enough sizes that will work as pet costumes for cats. My cat has had his bandana on for months and I find it to be the cutest thing in the world.

Perhaps you just aren’t into the whole bandana thing. To each their own! But you might not be able to resist this lizard ear-and-neck-warmer from Walmart. If I still lived in Chicago, my dog would be in this 1010%.

Idea #3 – Dress your pet like royalty with an all-out Halloween costume.

My dog is treated like royalty around our house. My SO gets jealous of the dog; anyone else’s!? If you think your dog is a queen or king, you might as well dress them up as one for Halloween. Get a costume like this king costume and have your pet looking like the royal companion they are.

Maybe your pet is more of a joker. Try this costume on for size.

Get Creative and Give Your Family a Smile They Need

As a kid, my mom decorated our house for every holiday. Every. Single. Holiday. Even July 4th and Easter. I remember the glow of orange pumpkins, the feel of the trick-or-treat bag she handmade for us, and spending hours cleaning windows with vinegar before we could put the window clings on. Those memories are so special to me.

You can create these small moments, for yourself and family, with whatever you have. My mom worked three jobs and still managed to create unique moments for her children. If you only have enough for a small bandana (check out this easy DIY pattern!) or have plenty to drop on an high-end pet Halloween costume- those are memories ones that are priceless. Especially in current times.

Take a little bit of stress out of your everyday happenings. Imagine your kids and family raving about the pet’s costume during a heated election and global pandemic. You’ll  Check out my Etsy shop for fall and Halloween dog bandanas. You can also stop by Pack Leashes to see their cute bow ties and sturdy leashes.

You can use our code ‘PANDABOY20’ for 20% off!

Happy Fall to you all!

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