Poetry, Spirituality, and History

Did you know I write poetry? And love to learn about spirituality and history?

You do now, dontcha? I wrapped them all into one place for an afternoon of creative reading.

Warning: some poems and/or posts may contain triggers.  

A Message from Your Ancestors

Enjoy a little poetry from time to time! I wrote this from the perspective of a woman living during the late 1800s. She is praying to her future child a message of hope and love. Click the image to read. Note: Work inspired by The View from Here, a novel by Keith Jackson.

Easter: From Paganism to Christianity

Ever wonder about the history of Easter? Hint: It may involve Paganism and Christianity. Read all about it here on CBCJ.

Wondering Why People Wear Masks Outside? Here are Three Understandable Reasons

Read why some people wear masks outside, even alone. Click the pic!