Food and Drinks Worth Writing About

My love for food started before I knew it, with the women in my Southern-rooted family teaching me skills I wouldn’t use until adulthood. Add in everything I learned throughout my career and poof! You’ve got a tiny, decently good cook. My recipes are mostly vegan but can be adapted easily to modify any dietary needs. Buen provecho!

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DIY Iced Coffee at Home

This super easy recipe for iced coffee is delicious. You won’t miss your big brand coffee with this.

How to Make Iced Matcha Latte at Home - V, DF

I had to share one of my favorite drinks, an iced matcha latte (vegan, of course). It’s loaded with benefits and the energy boost of coffee, without the downsides. Click the image to read how I make my iced matcha at home!

More coming soon!