Celebrating Derby Day at Copper Fox Gastropub with staff members

The Service Industry's
Reading Room

Twelve years in the service industry within the hosptiality realm will teach you a thing or two. So much that you want to share it with the world. Here, at The Service Industry’s Reading Room, I hope you can walk away with a few tips and tricks to have a more productive (and sometimes meaningful) work day.

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Four Easy and Affordable Ways to Manage a Diverse Team

Are you struggling to manage a diverse team? Click the image to see how I effectively oversaw many different work teams.

Service Recovery: How to Turn Angry Guests into Repeat Customers

Pick up some valued tips on how to nail service recovery and turn upset guests into repeat customers.

Bartending: Not a “How-To” But This Will Help

Make more money behind the bar with these simple bartending tips.

How to Be a Good Expo: Helpful Hints & Tried Tricks

Are you new to the world of the kitchen expo or just looking for tips? Either way, tune in for helpful hints on how to be a good expo in a restaurant.

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