The Importance of Training Basic Commands

My dog, Panda!

Published: June 11, 2020  

As a dog owner and the steed protector of the pack, you must equip yourself with certain tools to make sure you lead your team to success. Sometimes, you might even need to lead them into safety. Which is why you, a dog owner, need to train basic commands to your pup.

Here are a few basic commands to get us started: sit, wait/stay, leave it, bed/place, down, off, drop it, yes, and “no.” I leave “no” in quotations because I don’t mean it as a command necessarily, but a marker. I use the sound “ehh-ehh-ehh!” (like the warning of a school teacher). My dog, Panda, reacted to it really well the first time I whipped it out, so we’ve gone with that ever since. I like to leave the “no’s” for serious situations.

If you haven’t trained your dog some of these basic commands, don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Or if you’re researching because you just adopted a new puppy, you’re in the right place! Read on to find a special offer I’m giving to a few of my followers.

Sitting and waiting for us to finish our beach lunch!

Basic commands ensure the safety of everyone around.

But how does teaching our dogs make us safer? When you’re out on a walk, you’ll want your dog to understand a verbal command like “leave it” so that she’ll know when she can or cannot approach a distraction. This distraction could be another dog who, for the sake of the argument, is aggressive. It’s vital that your dog knows to leave the other dog alone and continue on her original path. 

I’ve frequently utilized the “bed” (or place) and “wait” combo. One time I fell and injured myself on both arms. But unbeknownst to Panda, his 87-pound body on top of mine did not help my pain! I was able to command him to go to his bed and told him to wait there while my partner helped me to sit down. Then I released Panda verbally to come hug me on the couch.

You’ll never know when you’ll need to utilize a basic command, but there’s a reason why basic commands are standard. Humans and dogs have had a long-standing relationship, so you can trust the work that’s been put into these “tricks.” Training your dog is such a powerful thing to share. Don’t miss out on that trusted opportunity!

Learn with us!

Over the next few weeks on my dog’s Instagram, we’ll be teaching you some basic commands. I’ll go over how I successfully trained my dog, who weighs almost the same amount as me, several standard commands. If I didn’t train him, he’d be running the show. So I’ll show you how to be the owner your dog needs you to be. 

Every Tuesday on Panda’s Instagram (link below!). I’ll be posting a video for you to watch. If you try it at home, show me in your story or feed with the hashtag: #PandaBoyTrick and tag us!

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