Business Owners: Virtual Assistant Packages Can Increase Your Mental Health

Warning! Virtual assistant packages may make you want to high-five your annoying coworker.

Published: June 3, 2021

In 2019, researchers found that more than half of business owners feel depressed at least one time during the week. 

Crazy, right?

You started your business to experience freedom, not depression. 

So what exactly can you do about it? There are a few things. Most of you probably already know. Meditate, breathe deep, and get plenty of exercise. 

But I’m going to let you in on a secret that some business owners have already uncoveredAre you ready for it?

Hire a virtual assistant.


By utilizing virtual assistant packages, you’ll be able to delegate some of your daily tasks. You’ll have less to worry about and obsess over (because you hired a consistent and reliable person), thus increasing your mental health. 

Here are 3, simple ways virtual assistant packages help improve your mental well-being

Virtual Assistant Packages Give You More Time in Your Day

All of us have a certain number of hours in a day. I’ve heard it’s around 24 or something like that. But you’re busier than a cat covering up cat $#!%, as my southern mother would put it It might feel like you only have 1 hours to yourself a day, if that!

That’s where an assistant comes in. They’ll help free up some of your time by doing those small tasks that are tedious. And if you hire someone nearby, they can help you with errands. If you’re working with someone remotely, they can handle all sorts of things like your social media or scheduling your meetings. 

If you didn’t have to worry about scheduling all those Zoom meetings–the emails back and forth, the event invite, link, ALL OF IT–how much time would that give you back in your day?

Hello, busy business owner! I'm Carrie Jean.

What would you do with an extra hour of free time per week?

You Can Finally Go on Vacation Without Business Coming to a Halt

When’s the last time you took a vacation? And no, it doesn’t count if you had to take a meeting (or five). 

Well, once you get your new virtual assistant (aka, VA) up to speed, you can take a whole a$$ vacation without sacrificing your revenue. They can keep invoicing, managing your eCommerce store, and answer any customer inquiries. Train that amazing person enough, and they can take meetings for you, too! 

Your Work-Life Balance Could Actually Be Balanced (Thanks, Virtual Assistant Packages!)

Work-life balance? What is that?

It’s something that you should be striving for. But, understandably so, it’s a little hard to attain when you’re running a whole damn operation (and family!). 

Allocating tasks to your new, super-efficient assistant means you can now eat dinner with your family (with no one calling or emailing you) or plan a little midday date on a Tuesday with your boo-thing. 

That’s why you became an entrepreneur and business owner, right– a flexible work schedule? It’s about time you actually get to flex it.

Clients from southern California all the way to Australia take advantage of my virtual assistant packages.

Finding the Right Hire is Easier Than You Think

Finding an individual who is reliable, trustworthy, and within budget seems scary. Is this all even worth the stress?!

But it’s easier than you think because…. you’re already talking to the right hire! Aqui estoy, my friend. Here. I. Am.

Hi, my name is Carrie Jean and I’m a virtual assistant ready to take some tasks off your lists. 

I have over 12 years in a customer service role to help serve you, your team and clients. Now, as a business owner, I know exactly how you feel–needing to get everything done for everyone. 

Put your mental health first and watch your business flourish. I’m offering you a special opportunity if you say YES to improving your mental health. 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation (mention this blog post!) and you’ll receive a free social media audit.

The offer ends June 9!

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Carrie Jean is a Hoosier-turned-Californian with over 12 years in customer service in corporate settings. Now she’s a business owner offering copy and blog writing as well as virtual assistance services. Fun Fact: She loves Abe Lincoln.

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